Volunteer for KSD

Why volunteer for KSD?

We welcome members of the Bulldog community who want to volunteer in our schools! Volunteers provide various services that enrich and enhance learning experiences for students by allowing building administrators, teachers and support staff to devote their energies to the tasks they are trained to provide.

How are volunteers different than visitors?

VOLUNTEERS are adults who assist teachers, administrators, or other staff in public school classrooms, schools, or school district programs who do not receive compensation for their work.

  • VOLUNTEERS serve under the guidance and direction of district personnel.
  • VOLUNTEERS must be screened through an FBI fingerprint background check and register with the Family Care Safety Registry prior to volunteering, and wear identifying stickers or badges at all times while on school grounds or at school-sponsored events.
  • VOLUNTEERS, like visitors, entering school buildings, must check in at the front desk and present their identification for approval through the visitor management system. You will check in and receive a badge.

You must read, understand and agree to the "Expectations and Policies for Volunteers in Kearney School District" before being allowed to serve in our sites.

VISITOR is a parent, relative, or other adult with permission of the child's parent or guardian who visits the school for a specific event or reason, or attends an off-campus school-sponsored event.  There is no reasonable expectation that a visitor would be alone with a child other than their own.

  • VISITORS should check in at the front office and present their identification for clearance through the visitor management system.
  • VISITORS should wear "Visitor" stickers at all times while in the building, at an off-campus school event, or field trip during school hours.

Volunteer Background Check Requirement

Missouri law requires an FBI background check with fingerprinting and a child abuse and neglect background check for all volunteers who supervise students outside the presence of a school district employee.

Examples of volunteers who MUST complete the new background check requirements

  • Field trip supervisors (volunteers who supervise students outside the presence of district staff)
  • Chaperones on school-sponsored trips, including overnight trips, where teachers are not present at all times
  • Community Education and Recreation coaches or instructors
  • Tutors
  • Drivers of students

Examples of volunteers who DO NOT need a background check

These volunteers serve under the supervision of district employees and are not alone with students at any time:

  • Classroom party volunteer
  • Building volunteer
  • Volunteer for field trips during which teachers or other district employees are supervising at all times
  • Attending field trips when teachers are present
  • Attending an event at school during school hours

Any parent or guardian planning to volunteer as part of an activity outside a district employee's presence should contact their school’s administrative assistant to begin the volunteer background check screening process.

Steps to Become A KSD Volunteer


Questions about signing up to be a volunteer in Kearney School District should be directed to Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Zach McMains at mcmainsz@ksdr1.net.