Second Annual Bike to Dogwood Day

It was 34 degrees with the windchill in the upper 20’s as the sun came up on Friday morning October 27th. So, what do almost 90 students, teachers and support staff at Dogwood Elementary do? They ride their bikes to school! The Second Annual Bike to Dogwood Day was a great experience and the students and teachers did not let the conditions deter their opportunity for an awesome day. #Dogwoodtough

The students that attend Dogwood Elementary are not allowed to ride their bikes or walk to school on a daily basis, so Dogwood staff members wanted to create a day where the students could experience the freedom of commuting to school by bicycle.

“I feel that the level of participation in the event shows the need for the planned construction of sidewalks from two different neighborhoods that is scheduled in 2020,” said Brad Colhour, physical education teacher. “As an instructor who promotes healthy ways to commute to work or school, I am extremely excited for the project to begin.”

Dogwood staff would like to thank everyone who helped make this event another awesome day. The teachers and students at Dogwood Elementary are amazing and willing to do anything for the betterment of the school and students. Thank you to the parents who allowed their students to ride with us, and the Kearney Police Department along with Adam Kirkland, school resource officer, for keeping us safe on the roads.

Dogwood students and staff  would also like to thank Bike Walk KC for their support and participation in the event. Bike Walk KC spent three weeks at Dogwood Elementary teaching 5th grade students how to safely ride a bike. A huge thanks is extended to Glen and Ardith Rumbaugh for taking their time to drive from Kansas City every day to help our students and also returning to ride with our students on Bike to Dogwood Day.

Dogwood staff are already looking forward to next year’s Bike to School Day with a tentative date scheduled for September 28th.