Safety and Security in Kearney Schools

Dear Bulldog Family,

We are all reeling from the terrible events that occurred yesterday in Uvalde, Texas. It’s unimaginable. Our thoughts and prayers are with those families, school staff and community members.

The safety and security of students, staff and visitors is our top priority in Kearney School District. We have rigorous safety protocols that are reviewed regularly and updated as needed. School Resource Officer Adam Kirkland provides protection services, serves as our main liaison with local law enforcement agencies and helps lead training for our entire staff. We have an extensive network of security cameras and have secured entries at all our schools.

The most important safety measure we can all take is to prevent these types of incidents from happening in the first place. The best way to achieve that goal is by ensuring that our students have positive, nurturing relationships with teachers, support staff and other adults in their lives. Our team is prepared to provide support for students and families. This includes making referrals to our network of school counselors, social workers and psychologists. These professionals have a wide array of expertise and resources to help our students address challenges and trauma. In addition, we will continue to guide students to support each other through organizations like KIND clubs. It is also very important to proactively report concerns when they arise. Even small issues can be signs of significant trauma and distress for a student. Students who have good relationships with a caring adult are much more likely to share their struggles.

Thank you for trusting us with the safety and well-being of your children during the school day.