New Property Purchase for KSD

The Kearney School District (KSD) is pleased to announce the purchase of  the property located at 425 W Mosaic Life Care Way, more widely known as the former Mosaic Life Care building. 

Because of district growth, KSD approached the Heartland Regional Medical Center organization with interest in the facility. After careful consideration over the course of several months, the district offered to purchase the property at a substantially reduced price and the offer was generously accepted. The low-cost benefit combined with a low interest rate enables the district to make a fiscally responsible purchase to assist with the growth in district enrollment and learning opportunities.

“As more families with school-age children move into the district, we know there is a great need for additional facilities,” said Superintendent Dr. Matthew Miller. “Pair that with the excellent work being done by our staff members to expand educational programming, and the need becomes greater and more urgent.”

As district administrators focus on those areas of growth, KSD staff and community members continue to meet regarding strategic facilities planning. The purchase of this building now will enable the team to determine how it can best be utilized short-term to address current needs. 

The purchase of this building continues a KSD tradition of community partnership and is similar to the acquisition of the building that currently houses the Early Education Center and District Administrative Offices where the district also acquired a vacant building and repurposed it to meet district and community needs.  

“We want to thank the Heartland Regional Medical Center for their partnership throughout this process,” stated Board President, Mark Kelly. “We look forward to seeing this facility become a space used to help support the students of this district.”