KSDEF Grants Fuel Teaching and Learning

Foundation announces Teacher Innovation Grant recipients for 2022

Kearney, Mo., April 28, 2022: The Kearney School District Education Foundation (KSDEF) continues to cultivate cutting-edge classrooms.

The KSDEF announced during its annual “Rise and Shine” breakfast on Friday, April 22 that 15 Kearney School District educators have earned Teacher Innovation Grants (TIG) for the 2022-2023 academic year. Combined, these grants add up to about $14,000 to fuel the 21st Century teaching and learning that is a hallmark of KSD classrooms:

  • Bradley Miller (Kearney High School) – $930 for “Melting Point Apparatus for Chemistry”
  • Kristina Pruitt (Southview Elementary School) – “Breaking Out of the Box”
  • Michelle Raines (Southview Elementary School) – $679 for “STEAMING Ahead with PBL”
  • Amber Hiley (LENS) – $976.81 for “Collaboration, Communication, and Creativity”
  • Jacqueline Lemoine (Kearney Junior High School) – $1,000 for “Increase Focus, Decrease Anxiety”
  • Amanda Timmer (Hawthorne Elementary School) – $885 for “Alternative Working Spaces and Seating Options”
  • Megan Rowland (Kearney Early Education Center) – $981.96 “Increasing Engagement and Communication in the Low Incidence Setting”
  • Kristi Schutter (Kearney School District Occupational Therapy) – $971.68 for “Self-Regulation/Sensory Items”
  • Rebecca Shaheen (Southview Elementary School) – $1,000 for “With Beauty, Comes Life”
  • Lindsey Thomas (Dogwood Elementary School) – $539.70 for “Boogie for a More Innovative Math Class!”
  • Angie Carmack (Kearney High School) – $1,000 for “Real World Learning is Sublime!”
  • Melanie Heuermann (Early Education Center) – $977.81 for “Sensory Integration Tools”
  • Jennifer Chrane (Kearney GATE) – $338.48 for “Digital Yearbook and Portfolio”
  • Sherry Crall (Kearney High School) – $1,000 for “Laser Cutter/Engraver”
  • Sara Kimmel (Kearney Elementary School) – $447 for “Apple TVs for Modeling IPad Use”

“The teachers who received Teacher Innovation Grants from the foundation this year represent the high-quality public education experiences found every day in Kearney’s schools,” Interim Superintendent Todd White said. “These funds are going to help students and teachers, and that’s why I am so thankful for the KSDEF and its supporters. Great things happen when the community works together on behalf of our children.”

The TIG program was launched by the foundation to help KSD teachers incorporate new tools and techniques that enrich the educational experiences of students. These grants are one of the most important ways that foundation leaders allocate donations.

“Our community loves our schools, and they demonstrate that love by their generosity,” KSDEF Board Chair Julia Kuhn said. “We’re committed to ensuring that Kearney remains a great place to raise a family.”

TIG awards are a maximum of $1,000 for each recipient. This year’s TIG recipients include a wide range of projects led by teachers at seven schools and programs. Visit www.ksdef.com to learn more about the KSDEF, how to donate and its funding programs.