KSD Student Receives Skilled Trades Development Program Scholarship

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Kearney High School (KHS) senior, Madison Prohaska, has received a scholarship and internship from LMV Automotive Systems. Prohaska is one of three students that received this honor. She gained experience with the company while working there through the Northland Center for Advanced Professional Studies (NCAPS) program.

Prohaska’s internship with LMV will consist of a three-year program where she will focus on maintenance skills such as welding, tooling and repairing systems. Job duties will require quick decision-making and problem-solving to ensure robotic lines run smoothly. The program is designed for students to go to school part of the week and fulfill their internship requirements the remainder of the week.

The experience Prohaska has gained while going through the NCAPS program has allowed for her to get real-world experience in a career field of interest and essentially lead to her decision to apply for LMV’s program.

“Madi came into the NCAPS program with substantial welding and shop skills, which will allow her to quickly learn the skills that she is taught,” said Amy Tucker, Instructor for NCAPS. “Madi is a unique student that has so much potential. She likes to learn why and how things work, and her dream job is being able to work with her hands.”

Prohaska is also on the Kearney High School Robotics team and serves as the safety captain. The nature of LMV’s business requires safety to be a huge component to their every-day work. Madison’s knowledge and appreciation for safety make her an excellent fit for her new position.

“Without the encouragement from my parents to participate in Northland CAPS, I would have never had such great opportunities,” Prohaska said. “I’m very excited to be able to go to school while working for such an innovative company as LMV Automotive.”

After successful completion of the program, LMV will provide her with an opportunity to convert to a full-time skilled trades job.

To learn more about Kearney School District and Northland CAPS, visit www.ksdr1.net.

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