KSD Scholar Bowl Students Celebrate Outstanding Season

Kearney School District scholar bowl students had an outstanding season worthy of praise. The team’s journey took them all the way to the district semi-finals this year. Along the way they celebrated great performances at the Smithville Tournament and ultimately became conference champions.

Jeremiah Smith, a junior, and Shane Lowe, a senior, earned a place on the all-tournament team.

KHS has had a team for years, but their coach, Cheryl Toole, is new this year, and has already made a great impact.

Activities Director Eric Marshall said, “The students had a great season, and we are very proud of the results. Coach Toole has provided wonderful leadership and will continue to improve as she gains more experience. I think our numbers will continue to go up and results will reflect.”

2015-2016 Team Members:

  • Morgan Brown, 10
  • Alicia Gray, 10
  • Noah Lowe, 10
  • Shane Lowe, 12
  • Christopher Maye, 12
  • Ethan Miller, 10
  • Garrett Miller, 11
  • Paul Morioni, 12
  • Makenzie Schulta, 12
  • Brooklyn Shumate, 10
  • Jeremiah Smith, 11