Universal, indoor masking is required for all students, KSD staff members and visitors regardless of vaccination status.

KSD Prepares for the Total Eclipse

On August 21, 2017 Kearney School District students and staff will have the rare opportunity to see the “Great American Eclipse.” The district is preparing for the astronomical occurrence and the unique learning experience it will provide. Each Bulldog will be provided with special solar eclipse glasses to view the event.

Kearney is in the “path of totality” which means our community will be able to view the moment when the moon passes in front of the sun completely covering it causing a shadow to be cast upon the Earth. That moment, for our Bulldogs, will begin at 1:07 PM and will last an estimated 2 minutes and 28 seconds. In those moments students and staff will all participate in what NASA calls a “once-in-a-lifetime eclipse.” An eclipse spanning across the entire country hasn’t occurred since 1918.

For KSD science teachers like Jessica Fowler, this is an epic educational moment allowing students to observe an event that is usually taught with textbook or computer models.

“Being able to share this phenomenon with our students is an amazing opportunity to get them excited about science,” Fowler said. “Harnessing a student’s natural curiosity is what makes learning and teaching fun.”

KSD’s teachers will provide lessons about the eclipse and various other activities are planned throughout the district to recognize the occasion. We imagine this may be a topic of discussion at home too. Below we have provided some great resource sites for you and your family to share in the discussion.

We invite you to share your eclipse photos with us using the hashtag #KSDEclipse. Be sure to follow our Facebook (@KSDBulldogs) and Twitter (@KearneyMOEdu) pages to see more on the eclipse and back to school events as we prepare for both upcoming dates!