KHS Students Excel at Leadership Competition

Kearney High School’s chapter of the Future Business Leaders Association (FBLA) earned remarkable results during the District Leadership Competition on Feb. 5 at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Thirty-eight KHS FBLA members participated in this competition. Students competed in a variety of events that included testing, performances, interviews, and role-play case studies.

Some current KHS medalists may also move into state qualifying positions over the next couple of days as more saturated events open up wild-card qualifications.

State Qualifiers:

  • Lia Wilson – 1st Advertising, 2nd Job Interview, 2nd Marketing
  • Avery Aller – 2nd Marketing, 3rd Public Policy and Advocacy
  • Amanda Tran – 2nd Networking Infrastructures
  • Kenzie Coble – 4th Personal Finance
  • Kieran Creedan – 3rd Computer Problem Solving, 1st Website Design
  • Tanner Brock – 1st Website Design
  • Nathan Wolfer – 3rd Human Resource Management
  • Gavin Warren – 5th Human Resource Management
  • Charity Smith – 3rd Intro to Business Concepts
  • Josie Quick – 2nd Intro to Business Procedures
  • Travis Jarrett – 4th Intro to Business Procedures

Straight to State Competitors:

  • Avery Janiak and Jane Martens – Visual Design
  • Manny Linthacum, Canton Woods, JP Filger – MIS
  • Avery Aller – Future Business Leader
  • JoJo Kutch – Electronic Career Portfolio


  • JP Filger – 9th Sports and Entertainment Management
  • Canton Woods – 9th Sports and Entertainment Management
  • Finn Simmons – 6th Journalism, 5th Banking and Finance
  • Cadence Modin -5th Banking and Finance
  • Malarie Sheley – 10th Agribusiness, 6th Impromptu Speaking
  • Cecilia Roth – 8th Business Law
  • Tanner Brock – 8th Computer Problem Solving
  • Emily Stokes – 6th Healthcare Admin
  • Lauren Karel – 10th Intro to Business Concepts, 6th Intro to Financial Math
  • Tatum Gregory – 8th Intro to FBLA

Congratulations to all of these outstanding Bulldogs!