KHS Chamber Choir Tapped as Finalist for National Award

Kearney, Mo., May 24, 2024: The Kearney High School Chamber Choir, which is directed by Dustin McKinney, has been selected as a national finalist for The American Prize in Choral Performance.

This is a national prize that recognizes the top choirs in the country. The process for recognition involves choirs from across the United States sending in performance recordings of their ensembles, and their esteemed panel of judges selects the very best performances from the groups.

The American Prize categorizes finalists as “those artists who are judged to be worthy of additional consideration and evaluation, in reference to the perceived impression of an artistic ideal.” At a later date, The American Prize will announce the runners-up and winner.

KHS Chamber Choir members:

  • Heidi Adams
  • Ryan Bowles
  • Delayne Boyd
  • Emma Daniel
  • Elizabeth Demers
  • Emiliana Eberhardt
  • Matthew Edie
  • Zoe Elam
  • Julienne Ford
  • Connor Green
  • Camden Haney
  • Ephrum Heideman
  • Camille Hermon
  • Avery Janiak
  • Tristin Klein
  • Eliza Lohman
  • Kate Martens
  • Drew Nelson
  • Ronin Roddy
  • Archer Schmidt
  • Finnegan Simmons
  • Arianna Sypniewski
  • Ivy Taylor
  • Klara Wentzel
  • Logan West
  • Lia Wilson
  • Eden Wooten
  • Ainsley Young
  • Lucas Zurliene
  • Zachary Zurliene