Dogwood Fifth Graders Win ‘Stock Market Game’

Students apply research, critical thinking and analytical skills to make real-world financial decisions

Kearney, Mo., May 11, 2023: Dogwood Elementary School students are proving to be very savvy investors.

The SIFMA Foundation recently announced that fifth graders at Dogwood had earned the top two spots at the elementary school level of the Spring 2023 “Stock Market Game” competitions in Missouri. Dogwood’s first-place team included Gavin Smith, Aiden Boever and Brig Hung; the second-place team included Penny Hall and London Goodwin.

Dogwood’s fifth-grade teachers held a celebration and awards ceremony for their students on Wednesday, April 10.

“I am so proud of our teams!” teacher Lindsey Thomas said. “All of you worked incredibly hard and got great results.”

Students participating in SIFMA Foundation’s Stock Market Game learn first-hand the value of long-term investing via an online educational program used by Missouri teachers to boost students’ math, economics, and personal finance knowledge, while also improving their test scores and instilling essential skills for financially independent futures.

“The Stock Market Game is a great example of how we are integrating Real World Learning at our elementary schools,” Kearney School District Elementary Curriculum Coordinator Ali Stewart said. “This is the kind of authentic education that our students are experiencing every day.”

Playing individually or in teams of up to five, students use a simulation with an imaginary investment of $100,000 to trade stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. Students conduct research and follow global news that can impact financial markets, then place trades in real time via computer or the SMG smartphone app, competing with peers in their classroom and with teams across the state to increase their portfolio value.

“Congratulations to all the student teams that reached the top spots this semester and during our year-long session,” SIFMA Foundation President Melanie Mortimer said in a press release. “It’s an honor to partner with local schools to provide resources that equip young people in our communities with the critically important skills they need to succeed in their careers and family lives. Our gratitude goes out to the educators who meet the highest standards of excellence and who have changed the lives of so many with their leadership and passion.”

The Stock Market Game curriculum, lessons, hands-on student activities, and virtual events combine content, critical thinking, research, and analytical skills in a real-world simulation. The online Teacher Support Center offers more than 1,000 lesson plans that reinforce Missouri teaching standards, STEM requirements, and 21st-century skills. The lessons and professional development opportunities for teachers are designed to help students learn the fundamentals of long-term saving and investing. Students enhance their knowledge in core curriculum subjects including math, language arts, economics, and social studies, and develop life skills such as financial preparedness, teamwork, and social-emotional learning.

The SIFMA Foundation is committed to closing the opportunity gap by fostering greater knowledge of the financial markets for young people of all backgrounds. Drawing on the support and expertise of educators and the financial industry, the Foundation provides financial education to strengthen economic opportunity across communities and increase awareness of the benefits of the global marketplace. For more information on the SIFMA Foundation, visit