Title I Reading Program

Title I Reading Program

The Title I Reading Program is offered only at Kearney Elementary and Dogwood Elementary for K-5 students. Services include reading intervention for students who are identified through multiple criteria (such as screenings, teacher input, observation, etc.) as needing support services. The Special Reading Program is designed for students who fall below grade level expectations in the area of reading.

Services include small group instruction of 4-6 students, for 30-40 minutes on 3-5 days of the school week. The program is designed to give students a boost and provide intensive, explicit instruction in the area of reading. This does not replace but enhances what the child receives in the classroom.

Parent Participation

Partnering with parents leads to student success. As part of the Title I program, the parents have an integral role in their child's education. Here are a few ways parents can participate in their child's education:

  • Provide a family routine that supports learning such as a set time for studying, bedtime routines, etc.
  • Encourage the love of learning, reading, writing at home.
  • Know what community resources exist and utilize them to meet their family and children’s needs.
  • Volunteer in their child’s school and stay involved as a parent.
  • Participate, as appropriate, in decisions relating to their children’s education.
  • Stay informed about their child’s education, ask questions related to their child’s academic progress and communicate with the school promptly by reading all notices either received by their child or by mail and respond as needed.
  • Attend all Parent/Teacher Conferences.
  • Serve on advisory groups as needed.
  • Promote good school attendance and discourage absenteeism.
  • Encourage children to participate in learning activities when offered.

If parents have a concern regarding the Title I reading program, they may contact the Director of Academic Services, Jennifer Kopp, at 816-628-4116 or via email at koppj@ksdr1.net. Additional information is included in the link above.