Related Services

Assistive Technology

As part of the annual education plan review for every child with special needs, the special education team reviews the child’s possible need for assistive technology. Assistive technology may be needed to assist a child in areas such as communication, writing, and reading. A child’s needs may be assessed by the district staff or by outside agencies such as the Capper Foundation or The Rehabilitation Institute. Assistive technology is loaned to the child as needed, but remains the property of the school district.


Autism Services

Students who are identified with an educational diagnosis of Autism have access to the Autism Consultant in the Kearney School District. The consultant conducts observations and evaluations, as well as provides guidance to special education and general education staff working with the student.


Hearing Services

Students needing hearing evaluations are referred to the Multi-District Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Project in Blue Springs for evaluation and yearly follow-up examinations. The evaluation appointment is set up through the school Diagnostic Consultant.


Vision Services

The Kearney R-1 School District offers educational services for students with visual impairments and/or blindness through collaboration with the Multi-District Program for the Visually Impaired.

Kearney R-1 teachers might help students in areas such as low vision efficiency training, use of visual aids, functional vision assessments, braille reading and writing, use of tactual aids, orientation and mobility, daily living skills, and career/vocational transition skills.

To be considered for these services, a student must first meet the eligibility criteria set by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for visual impairment, blindness, or progressive vision loss.