School Safety Department

KSD Emergency Response Terms

Sharing and understanding the KSD response terms helps bridge critical communication to all parties involved in an emergency. Click here to view the terms used by all school district buildings in the event of an emergency.


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Safety and Security Committee

A committee of KSD staff and community members meet for the purpose of discussing safety and security in our district. If you are interested in learning more about the committee, contact Resource Office, Adam Kirkland at

ALICE Information

  • A – Alert: Communicate with the entire building of an armed intruder. Provide location of the intruder as well.
  • L – Lockdown: Lock the doors, barricade, look for objects that can be thrown by students if the intruder comes in the classroom. Teachers can also break windows and get students out.
  • I – Inform: Try to provide real time information to the people locked down in the building. If the shooter moves out of their area, let them know they can get out.
  • C – Counter: If the shooter encounters you, throw objects, cause distractions, swarm him. Do anything you can to survive.
  • E – Evacuate: Get out of the building and go to a rally point as quickly as possible.