KSD Wellness Program

A district wellness program helps create a healthy school environment. Kearney School District's wellness program focuses on the following:

  • Nutrition and physical education
  • Physical activity
  • Nutrition promotion and standards
  • Foods and drinks sold to students
  • Food and beverages, not sold to, but provided to students
  • Food and beverage marketing
  • Involving and informing the community and district leadership

The District Wellness Committee will provide input to the Board of Education for the compliance and assessment of the district wellness policy goals and objectives. This committee helps to ensure that the district-level wellness policies and procedures are implemented at the building level and throughout the entire district. The ultimate goal of this committee is to support the school in developing a healthier school and work environment.

Vision Statement: To establish and maintain the health and well-being of students and staff

The KSD Wellness Program welcomes volunteer committee members. This committee typically meets twice per year - once per fall semester and once per spring semester. District employees, students, parents, and community members are encouraged to be on this committee. If you are interested in becoming a KDS Wellness committee member, please contact District Nurse Karen Hughes by emailing hughesk@ksdr1.net or by calling (816) 628-4116.

LINK: District Wellness Policy

LINK: KSD Food Service


Help us make the healthy choice the easy choice at school! #schoolwellness