Food Service Notes

Second Meal Clarification
  1. The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act (HHFKA) school lunch regulations apply to one “reimbursable meal” per student per day.
  2. If a student wants a “second meal” each component part of the meal must be considered under the new Smart Snack Nutrition Standards.
    1. Under these standards each component part of the second meal must be 
    2. The main entrée on the daily school lunch menu is exempt under smart snack standards.
    3. However, each side item on the daily school lunch menu must INDIVIDUALLY comply with the smart snack standards for calories, fat content, sodium content, etc.

For example, on Wednesday the menu may have: Chicken Patty, mashed potatoes, glazed carrots, blushing pears, and hot roll. Students can purchase the chicken patty, because all entrees are exempt from the Smart Snack rules on day of and day after. They CANNOT get the mashed potatoes because they do not meet the smart snacks standards; however, they could get glazed carrots, a hot roll, fruit, and milk if they would like, since each of these sides INDIVIDUALLY complies with the smart snack regulations.

  • If a student buys a reimbursable meal and, in addition, has the 3 (or more) required components for another meal, the student will be charged for 2 meals (1 will be reimbursable and the other will be charged as an additional lunch).
  • If a student buys a reimbursable meal and extra items that don’t have the required components for a meal, the students will be charged for 1 meal and ala carte prices for the additional items.