Finance Department

Financial Reports are posted each month on the District website and available to staff and the general public by accessing the Board of Educations eBoard site.  Documents may be viewed by selecting the meeting date, then view the agenda in the center of the screen. Financial reports are posted for each regular meeting in the section labeled Informational Items.

Audit Reports

The Board of Education approved the audit of the 2022-2023 fiscal year at the November 15, 2023 meeting.  A presentation from Westbrook & Co auditing firm was made to the Board of Education at the meeting.


Missouri Reporting Mandate

Beginning in September of 2019, the state of Missouri required school districts to publicly report revenue, expenditures and disbursements. Find these public reports here. 

Financial Report to State of Missouri

In accordance with Section 162.821 RSMo, an annual financial report must be submitted to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education of the State of Missouri on or before August 15 each year.  The report contains information, such as revenues, expenditures, fund balances, and debt.

Public access to the financial report is available on the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Web site on Web Applications.  To view information available to the general public, click the View Public Applications button.  The most current financial report for the Kearney School District is below.