Enrollment Center FAQ

Q.  What is the benefit of centralized enrollment?

A.  To streamline the data entry, be consistent K-12, make the process more convenient for new families and better serve them as well.

Q.  Where is your Enrollment Center located?

A.  At KSD’s Central Office, 150 W State Route 92, Kearney, MO 64060

Q.  Do we have on-line enrollment?

A.  Yes! Beginning 2020-2021 school year, Registration Gateway is our new platform for collecting necessary enrollment documentation virtually.

Q.  I do not have access to the internet, how can I enroll my child?

A.   We are happy to assist you with this, please call the enrollment center at 816-628-3187 to set up a time to come in and work with our staff to complete your enrollment.

Q.  What if I have questions during my online process?

A.  Parents and Guardians may call the Enrollment Center at 816-628-3187 if they have any questions or concerns.

Q.  Can my child start school the same day as enrolling?

A.  All state and local enrollment requirements must be met before your child can begin school. It is likely that they will not begin class the same day.      

Q.  How will I as a parent know when my child has been approved to enroll?

A.  When parents have completed all necessary paperwork and enrollment is approved, each building will be notified by the enrollment center.  At that time building staff will contact you for an appointment. 

Q.  Is the process complete when the student arrives to their school building?

A.  Not quite.  You will still need to take care of some things such as lockers, lunch money etc.

Q.  How will my child’s school know they are approved to enroll?

A.  Building office staff will receive an email from Registration Gateway with the student’s information and scanned records from the Enrollment Center.  At that time they will contact parents to come in.

Q.  What if I do not have all the required documents to enroll my child, such as proof of residence or a birth certificate?

A.  The Enrollment Center will be glad to help guide you to the proper resources to obtain the documents you need.  If it turns out that you do not meet such requirements you may be denied enrollment until such documents can be obtained. 

Q.  I cannot upload my documents in Registration Gateway. What do I do?

A.  When completing your online enrollment you will be asked to make an appointment. You can bring your documents to that appointment and staff will upload those for you.

Q.  What if a current and/or new student would like to change their address?

A.  All address changes need to be approved through the enrollment center with appropriate documentation. An Address Change Request Form will be available on line as well as in every building’s main office.

Q.  Does this mean a new family cannot tour a building until after they have enrolled?

A.  Not at all. Families who are interested in our district and would like a tour should contact the office.  Building staff will refer families with specific enrollment questions to the Enrollment Center.

  • Carmen Berry

    District Registrar

    Email: berryc@ksdr1.net
    Phone: 816-628-3187

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