Universal, indoor masking is required for all students, KSD staff members and visitors regardless of vaccination status.
Contact Us

Contact Us

Dr. Todd White

Interim Superintendent

Email: whitet@ksdr1.net
Phone: 816-628-4116

Becky Burkemper

Assistant to the Superintendent

Email: burkemperb@ksdr1.net
Phone: 816-628-4116 x21501

Jeff Morrison

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Student Services

Email: morrisonj@ksdr1.net
Phone: 816-628-4116 x21809

Dawn Coonrod

Administrative Assistant for Human Resources/Student Services

Email: coonrodd@ksdr1.net
Phone: 816-628-4116 x21502

Jennifer Kopp

Director of Academic Services

Email: koppj@ksdr1.net
Phone: 816-628-4116 x21805

Penni Frick

Administrative Assistant for Academic Services

Email: frickp@ksdr1.net
Phone: 816-628-4116 x21503

Lori Parker

Administrative Assistant

Email: parkerl@ksdr1.net
Phone: 816-628-4116 x21888

Heather Guilkey

Director of Special Education

Email: guilkeyh@ksdr1.net
Phone: 816-628-2653 ex. 24803

Jill Lytten

Administrative Assistant for Special Programs

Email: lyttenj@ksdr1.net
Phone: 816-628-2653 x24888

Ginger Elsea

Business Operations Manager

Email: elseag@ksdr1.net
Phone: 816-628-4116 x21804

Marsha Bartow

Accounts Payable

Email: bartowm@ksdr1.net
Phone: 816-628-4116 x21807

Penni Frick

Administrative Assistant

Email: frickp@ksdr1.net
Phone: 816-628-4116 x21888

Ryan Blankenship

Technology Director

Email: blankenshipr@ksdr1.net
Phone: 816-628-4116 x23804

Tami Thomas

Data Coordinator

Email: thomastami@ksdr1.net
Phone: 816-628-4116 x21600