Update Regarding Face Masks In Schools

June 10, 2021

Greetings, Bulldog Families!

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, our priority has been to both protect the health of everyone in our buildings and prevent any disruption to teaching and learning. Our Board policy dictates that we follow the guidance shared by local, state and national public health agencies whenever we are responding to a communicable disease outbreak. We achieved our goals because we faithfully followed Board policy.

The Clay County Public Health Center (CCPHC) issued new guidance this week regarding COVID-19 mitigation in schools. The revised guidance makes masking optional for students and vaccinated adults while in school.

“Evaluation of in-school transmission data collected in partnership with Clay County public school districts, widespread availability of the COVID-19 vaccines, expanded age eligibility for COVID-19 vaccination for adolescents, and low case rates indicate that students are at very low risk for transmitting COVID-19,” Clay County Director of Public Health Gary Zaborac wrote in a communication with school districts. “Therefore, CCPHC will recommend optional masking for students and vaccinated adults. Unvaccinated faculty, staff and visitors should still wear a mask.”

In accordance with our Board policy and in alignment with CCPHC guidelines, we are making masks optional for students and vaccinated adults in KSD schools and other buildings. Unvaccinated adults should continue to wear masks while they are in our buildings. Even though masks are not required, students may still choose to wear them.

This change will begin on Monday, June 14. This will give us the opportunity to work through the logistical adjustments that we will need to make in response to the new CCPHC guidance. We will be updating our return-to-school plan in the coming weeks. We will continue to follow guidance from public health officials as the pandemic evolves and anticipate that there may be more changes in the future.

Students and adults will be required to continue wearing masks while they are riding in school buses. This bus mandate aligns with guidelines issued by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Please email communications@ksdr1.net if you have any feedback regarding any of these decisions.

This has been an extraordinary school year. Together, we have consistently stepped up and overcome every obstacle. Our students and staff have proven that they are resilient and adaptable. We are proud. We are strong. We are Bulldogs!