KSD Internship Program

Program Overview: 

Would your company or organization like to get connected to the up-and-coming bright minds of the future workforce? The students at Kearney High School’s Internship Program are qualified, motivated young people who have expressed interest in learning more about your career field. We are looking for companies and organizations that would like to host an intern and make a difference in a young life. Students in the fall 2021 session will be available August 30-December 10, but if there is a need for a longer period, that can be discussed as needed.  Internships are typically unpaid, though paid internships are always welcome.

Internship Objectives

  • To reinforce academic skills
  • To provide basic background instruction to help interns prepare for business/industry occupations and related professions
  • To facilitate the transition between school and employment
  • To provide training stations for interns to practice skills and attitudes learned in the classroom
  • To provide interns with practical experiences that will help make their classroom instruction more meaningful
  • To provide an opportunity, through the use of local business, for interns to acquire skills and knowledge that are best developed on the job
  • To provide opportunities for interns to make social adjustments and to develop the ability to work cooperatively with co-workers and supervisors
  • To emphasize to interns the importance of being able to follow directions, pay attention to details, and accept supervision
  • To foster an understanding in interns of the benefits and responsibilities of gainful employment
  • To provide interns with the ability to keep up with the changing world of work by putting emphasis on problem-solving, thinking, and decision-making
  • To provide interns with instruction in business skills, principles, and concepts that will lead to success on the job
  • To counsel interns who want to continue training beyond high school
  • To point out to interns that constant educational growth is necessary for successful employment and good citizenship
  • To graduate well-trained, experienced workers

Program Handbook

Download and read the program handbook to learn more about how to set-up a student internship, the responsibilities of interns and providers, and the different types of internships.

Kearney Internship Application