Business Partners in Education



There are many opportunities for businesses to partner with Kearney School District in order to provide students with Real World Experiences.

Guest speaker
Business partners speak to students about certain career areas or specific topics within the career area.

Client-Connected Projects
Business partners identify a real-world problem within the company and students work to solve the problem. One recent client-connected project involved students gathering input about how to make Kearney's downtown neighborhood more attractive for residents and visitors. In the other project, KHS students collected and analyzed data about the qualities that professionals seek when choosing where to work remotely.

Job Shadow
Business partners allow students to shadow or interview people in professions to find out more about careers in which they are interested.

Business partners allow students to serve as an intern in the company for one to two hours during school days so the intern can learn the career language and the basics of the job. Business partners can eventually begin to let students do some of the work when applicable. Internships run from semester to semester (August - December, January - May). Internships can be unpaid.


What benefits do I receive in partnering with Kearney School District on Real World Learning activities?

  • Expose students to your industry
  • Train the next generation of the workforce and reflect on your own professional practices
  • Gain productivity at no cost
  • Additional perspective and insight on solving organizational problems

What benefits do students get from Real World Learning partnerships?

  • Learn from and engage with industry professionals
  • Network and connect 
  • Real-world experiences
  • Apply skills to authentic problems
  • Gain employability skills
  • Better prepares students for future successes

What are the different ways I can partner with Kearney School District?

  • Workplace tour
  • Career presentation (in person or virtual)
  • Informational interviews
  • Job shadow
  • Educator externships (host educators for tours)
  • Client-centered projects
  • Internships

What is the difference between a client-connected project and an internship?

A client-connected project is an authentic problem that a student works to solve for the client.

  • Students will complete the client-centered project after meeting with the client and completing a client-centered project summary
    • The template outlines exactly what the client is looking for and when they expect to have the finished product (s)
    • The work is completed at school or at the business site depending on the client-centered project
  • Example of an authentic problem: "What type of presentation will inform potential clients of what my company is about and persuade them to purchase my services?"

An internship consists of an industry supervisor who serves as a mentor to the student and teaches that student the trade-specific terminology and skills needed in that field.

  • Students learn how to do the work from the mentor and then apply their skills
  • Internships consist of two high school class periods
  • The experience is for the benefit of the intern
  • The intern does not replace regular employees, but instead works under close supervision of supervising staff
  • Interns are not necessarily entitled to a job at the end of the internship
  • Internships may be paid or unpaid
    • Kearney School District takes no responsibility for paid internships