Real World Learning

What is Real World Learning (RWL)?

  • An initiative to help our region, students, and employers prepare for the future
  • Experiences that allow students to complete real world projects and internship
  • Experiences allowing students to gain knowledge and skills needed to navigate the future

What is a Market Value Asset (MVA)?

  • Opportunities that allow students to gain RWL knowledge and experiences

How can students earn a Market Value Asset (MVA)?

There are several ways students can earn Market Value Assets:

    • Work Experiences (internships and client-centered projects)
    • College credits (9+ college credit courses)
    • Industry Recognized Credentials (IRCs and examples are CNA license, ASE certifications, EMT license, Adobe certifications)
    • Entrepreneurial Experience (proposed business plan with a presentation to relevant stakeholders)
    • Capstone Experiences (Seal of Biliteracy, Eagle Scout, Girl Scout Gold Award, curriculum approved capstone experiences)

Why are Market Value Assets (MVAs) important?

  • Provide skills and experiences to pave the way for graduates in their next steps
  • Students experience real-world problem-solving, communication, and collaboration with business and industry professionals
  • Make further education and training more attainable
  • Graduation requirement for the Class of 2025

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