Portrait of A Graduate

Portrait of A Graduate

Kearney School District is beginning the process of developing our Portrait of a Graduate. 

KSD Portait of a Graduate image 1A Portrait of a Graduate represents a school district’s vision for the 21st-century skills, character traits, and social-emotional competencies that students need to succeed in college, career, and life. All graduates should attain transferable skills, knowledge, understanding and dispositions necessary for future success and life-long learners. The end product of this initiative will be our “North Star,” a portrait of the skills, knowledge and mindsets our community believes will create the best future for our students

The Portrait of a Graduate process works. It is being used successfully by many other school systems around the country, including Liberty Public Schools, North Kansas City Schools and Lee's Summit R-7 Schools.

KSD Portrait of a Graduate image 2Through an inclusive engagement process with our students, staff, parents/guardians, partners and neighbors, the Portrait of a Graduate will become the KSD community's collective vision for our children. KSD will be asking students, parents/guardians, alumni and community members to provide their input by completing a survey that will be open from Dec. 6-17, 2021.

In addition to collecting feedback with surveys, we will establish the KSD Portrait of a Graduate Task Force, which will analyze the survey data and come up with the key competencies that we want to be represented on our Portrait of a Graduate. We’re asking all of our stakeholders to join us in crafting our Portrait of a Graduate. 

This vision, when complete, will help align and prioritize resources and provide curricular focus and points of emphasis in a student's educational career in Kearney. We will be creating a bright, productive future for our children for decades to come.

Email communications@ksdr1.net for questions or comments.

Portrait of A Graduate Surveys

We need your help! Our Portrait of A Graduate will be developed with input from students, parents, graduates, teachers, school personnel, businesses and community members. Please provide your thoughtful feedback about our Portrait of A Graduate by completing a short survey. It should take 2-4 minutes to complete and your responses will remain confidential. Survey responses will be collected through the close of business on Monday, Dec. 13. Thank you!