Kindergarten I Can Statements



I Can Statement

1 I can name all uppercase letters.
1 I can name all lowercase letters.
1 I can produce letter sounds.
2 I can understand the basic features of print.
2 I can write my first and last name.
2 I can produce legible handwriting.
3 I can recognize and produce rhymes in the spoken word (auditory).
3 I can segment sounds to read words.
3 I can blend sounds to read words.
3 I can read high frequency words.
3 I can spell words phonetically.
4 I can read emergent text.
4 I can write a complete sentence using correct capitals, spacing and punctuation.




I Can Statement

1 I can sort objects by size, shape and color.
1 I can name the days of the week.
2 I can connect number words to the quantity they represent (counting objects).
3 I can understand place value (13= one group of ten and three more).
3 I can recognize numbers 0-31.
3 I can count orally from 1 to 100.
3 I can count by 10’s to 100.
3 I can compare groups of objects.
3 I can compare numbers.
4 I can write numbers to 31.
4 I can identify two and three dimensional shapes.
4 I can solve simple addition and subtraction word problems.
4 I can fluently add and subtract to the sum of 5.
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