Bulldogs Find the Formula for Success at Regional Science Olympiad Competition

Teams from Kearney High School and Kearney Junior High achieved outstanding results during the Science Olympiad regional competition on Saturday, Feb. 18.

The KHS team placed fourth, which earned them a spot at the state competition on April 1 in Springfield.

High School Results:

  • Anatomy and Physiology: Fourth Place – Kayla Rinehart and Hailey Yeager 
  • Cell Biology: Fourth Place – Skyler Shipley and Daniel Nelson
  • CodeBusters: Third Place – Aiden Hansen, Nic Seuferer and Hailey Yeager
  • Detector Building: Second Place – Nic Seuferer
  • Disease Detectives: Second Place – Aiden Hansen and Anna Tourney
  • Dynamic Planet: Fourth Place – Hailey Yeager and Anna Tourney
  • Environmental Chemistry: Third Place – Abby Harper and Alayna Dostal
  • Experimental Design: Fourth Place – Kieran Creeden, Kayla Rinehart and Skyler Shipley
  • Forestry: Second Place – Taylor and Zoe Sexton
  • Green Generation: Fourth Place – Alayna Dostal and Abby Harper
  • Remote Sensing: Second Place – Kieran Creeden and Amanda Tran 
  • Rocks and Minerals: Second Place – Kieran Creeden and Amanda Tran
  • WiFi Lab: Fourth Place – Kieran Creeden and Amanda Tran

The KJH team, pictured above, finished in second place and is also headed to the state event:

  • Camille Hermon
  • Avery Janiak
  • Mary Shaw
  • Charity Smith
  • Landon Morrill
  • Katie Shaw
  • Myka Sitton
  • Ezra Stuart
  • Luke Vanderstel
  • Harrison Young