Academic Resources

Kearney High School

More information is available at the KHS Academic Support Services website. Below is a summary of the services available:

Tutoring: Before and after school in-person tutoring is available on a daily basis and after-school virtual tutoring is also available.

Wednesday Teacher Office Hours: Each teacher is available for two office hour sessions on Wednesdays for Zoom meetings. Schedule

Academic Resource: Hybrid and Connect students can come in on their virtual day to receive help in the Academic Resource Room. Students can come for an hour, a half day, or a whole day. Academic Resource is limited to 7 students per hour because of social distancing. Students should sign up through their counselor or their assistant principal. 

Wednesday Study Sessions: The library and commons will be available on Wednesdays for all students to come in and work/study on assignments. There will be no teachers available to work with students unless an appointment is made. Paraprofessionals will be available to offer assistance. There will be two sessions per Wednesday: 7:35 – 10:35 and 11:20 – 2:20. Space is limited due to social distancing. Please sign up through the student’s counselor or assistant principal. 

Kearney Junior High

Academic Intervention – Hybrid & KSD Connect Students: Kearney Junior High is offering academic intervention time for students who are failing or at risk of failing a class. If your student could benefit from this academic intervention time, they are welcome to attend on their virtual days to work with our intervention teacher. To sign your student up for this opportunity, please complete this form.

For additional questions about this opportunity, please contact Dr. Laura Hartman, Assistant Principal.

Bulldog Zone Tutoring: After-school tutoring is available in the library and virtually on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30-4:30 p.m. Click here to access Bulldog Zone virtually.

Zero Hour Tutoring: Before-school tutoring is available in Mr. Todd’s room, B107, from 6:45-7:30 a.m.  Please email Mr. Todd at to schedule your tutoring.

Kearney Middle School

In an effort to help support our hybrid students on their non-attendance days, we are going to start allowing students to sign up for the use of our library on their off days.  We will have a staff member present, but the primary goal is to provide a quiet structured place with reliable Wi-Fi for students to use. We plan to begin this program on Monday, November 2nd.

We will be offering two sessions per day Monday – Friday:

A morning session from 7:35 to 10:00

An afternoon session from 12:00 to 2:20. 

Students using the morning session can provide their own transportation or use school transportation to get to school but will need to have their own transportation home at 10:00. Likewise, students in the afternoon will need to provide their own transportation to school and would have the option of personal or school transportation home at 2:20.

All students will have the opportunity to get a school lunch and morning session students will have access to both breakfast and lunch. Meals will not be available on Wednesdays.

In order to provide this to as many students as possible and to allow for proper social distancing, students will need to schedule an appointment due to limited space.  Students or parents interested in taking advantage of this opportunity will need to call the office at 628-4115 each week to reserve a spot.  Students requiring morning bus transportation will need to schedule their day/times by Thursday of the preceding week.

Additional Academic Supports for students at KMS:

  • Bulldog Zone tutoring after school Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30-4:00, register at    
  • Daily Zoom times with core teachers – times differ but are available on team websites
  • Zoom sessions are available with ALL teachers on Wednesdays.   Specific times differ by grade, but general times include:
8:30-9:30 Math
10:30-11:30 ELA
11:30-12:30 Science
12:30-1:30Social Studies

 ***Specific times are posted within each teacher’s google classroom***